Healing Painting


Soooo many emails filled with stories of transformation and miracles have been sent to me since we started selling giclees of the Blue Bonnet painting! It was thoroughly surprising and deeply moving how many people felt compelled to share with me the intimate details of how the painting has affected their lives. Tears are apparently how extreme happiness, love and relief escape from inside of me once they well up; so, you can imagine the flood of tears this has inspired!

The letters are irresistible, and it is reading story after story of the amazing changes people are experiencing that inspired me to paint ALL of the plants that Dr. Len said are ‘cleaning tools’! If one Healing Painting can help this much imagine how much a dozen could help!

Dr. Len told his seminar audience that eating strawberries is as powerful at clearing negative energy as the Ho’oponopono prayer itself. One atom of strawberry is all you need, and of course intention. Strawberry jelly will even do the trick in a pinch.

"Cleaning" within the art of Ho’oponopono is the practice of clearing your unconscious mind. You can read more about cleaning/clearing with Ho’oponopono on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Remember the thrill of stumbling upon tiny wild strawberries when you were little? I remember feeling like I had just found treasure! They were like swallowing treasures that fell out of mother nature's jewelry box, sweet decadent.

This same spirit of excitement was stirred up inside of me when I went to pick out some new tubes of red paint to paint this strawberry painting with! Mostly I’m excited to see how this painting affects people's lives! Love is a juicy subject so the letters should be quite good!

I’m grateful that Inspiration did indeed have another healing painting up her sleeve… A big fat juicy ripe strawberry! It was hard to stop once I got going. I painted berries in bowls, on pretty table cloths, in baskets, growing wild and gorgeous specimens modeling solos.

What is kind of funny about the whole thing is that my brain tends to get in Inspiration’s way and make a mess of things. This is where concentrating on my Ho’oponopono prayers keeps my mind busy. Ho’oponopono takes my mind out of meddlesome thinky mode long enough for it to wander right into The Zone.

The Zone for me is similar to what I feel like between waking and sleeping. I can’t as of yet get there on purpose, it just happens by happy accident. Maybe its a brainwave thing or higher vibration than every day life.

At any rate, while I was painting the strawberry that you see here I didn’t realize I had even slipped into the zone until an idea drifted by that made me go huh? Wait a minute what was that? “Strawberries dissolve Love Pain?” Ohhhhhhhhh.... strawberries clear heartache! I wasn’t sure if I'd heard it, or felt it, or a layer of fog had burned off so I could simply become   aware of it.

It made me giggle a little as my mind wandered to the story of the Grinch and his heart growing 3 sizes that day. How exciting to to know that strawberries can help people move through and beyond their love issues. It is quite perfect, really, they even look like hearts and people tend to include them in their romance. I feel silly for never really noticing their heart likeness before.

When I see this strawberry painting hanging in people’s homes in my mind it is ENORMOUS! It seems to beg to be six feet tall! Although I’ve been wearing it as a necklace teeny weeny to see if anything would change by wearing it... and an avalanche of Love issues began changing. Things that have been the same for ten, or in some cases 36 years, are  suddenly completely changing!

Too many purely unimaginable things have been happening to be coincidence. I’m beside myself with the wonder of the miracles that this universe is capable of giving to us if only we clear the energetic space to receive them.





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