“Soooooo what would you like to name your blog? “ Nikki asked me the morning she began to build it. “Uhhhhhhhhhh.” I went completely blank then sent her the image files she needed one after the other; but could NOT come up with a name, not even a terrible one, just nothing. I tried all of my creativity stimulating tricks. I went for a drive, jumped on the trampoline, drank orange juice, asked my boys to brainstorm with me. BIG hilarious mistake!

The day zoomed by and in the late afternoon an email popped up saying “check out what I have so far.” And there it was Spiritual Magpie! I LOVED it! It was SO perfect with my bird paintings and all. “I only meant it as a place holder,” she explained. But I had already clicked over to Google and was knee deep in the lore of magpies…

Turns out magpies are meant to be a heads up about oncoming crucial spiritual transitions. Ted Andrews wrote in Animals-Speak that when you see a magpie its time to ask yourself some serious spiritual questions. Like do you have spiritual knowledge that you aren’t using? And if you do have spiritual knowledge that you are using is it in a responsible and effective way? Magpies earned this reputation hundreds of years ago for building their nests in the forks of trees. The forks of trees have traditionally been seen as doorways to other realms, which is how magpies came to represent an imminent shift in consciousness.

HOW INSPIRED IS THAT?! She could have chosen ANY bird flamingo, blue footed booby. Instead she wrote magpie; the only creature who according to legend would not get IN Noah’s ark. The pair of magpies apparently rode on top. They are birds with a will of their own. They steal pretty shiny things and are very curious. EVERY single time I ask the universe where to find what ever it is I need I am given something more amazing than I ever could have come up with, or imagined myself.

So thank you Miss Nikki for spending too many hours to count building this gorgeous blog for me to babble in  And for listening to the ZING of divine inspiration when it sent you the perfect name! May Spiritual Magpie live up to its namesake’s reputation for being a harbinger of significant advancements in our spiritual evolvement!