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What do you do when someone has done the UNforgiveable to you?

Recently I read somewhere that to return only loving kindness to those who have hurt you is the ultimate heroic act. But how do you move beyond incessantly visualizing your perceived Wrong Doer struck dead by a well placed lightening bolt? Or at least writhing in the agony of being tortured by his guilty conscience?

How do you get from feeling a deep sense of loss, betrayal, abuse, hurt and anger to neutral? How do you go back to feeling safe enough to let yourself even feel? How do you not hold on tightly to your pain?

What can you do if it feels as though forgiving your wrong doer condones what he has done? How can you feel safe making peace with forgiveness?

When you feel deeply and irrevocably wronged, it is most infuriating to learn that you, the holder of the pain and resentment, are the one it hurts the most.

It’s so unfair! I want my Wrong Doer to suffer!

No it is not lost on me that the inspiration for this Raspberry painting was gifted to me by the Universe today, because I need it so very, very much right now!

My heart and spirit were very nearly fatally wounded not long ago, so I can relate to feeling too inflamed by a trigger to see pain as my teacher, or some evolved perspective like that.

I suspect you would not be perusing this particular web page today if you were not consciously aware that you came to Earth to grow into a better version of yourself. You are here because you are looking for a way to evolve beyond where you are now, yes?

Exploring the potential benefits of Forgiveness today makes me realize that whereas mastering some concepts only moves you down your evolutionary path a teeny nudge but truly mastering Forgiveness is the golden ticket to an enormous evolutionary leap in consciousness.

If you have experienced any of my Weekly Clearing Cards you are aware that for me this project of channeling all of this amazing wisdom and these paintings into physical form is a great honor for me; but that I’m slogging out the challenges of clearing on it all and living the wisdom same as anyone in our wonderful Ho’oponopono community.

And so I beseeched the heavens as loudly as I could for an answer to my How I could even BEGIN to let Forgiveness into my heart in such unimaginably bad circumstances?

The Universe answered my desperate call with...       Raspberries!

And a question- Are you ready to release your old pain? Do you at least wish you were ready? Because desire is the first step.

Forgiveness has got to be in the top 10 challenging things to do in life; but, since there is little more toxic than resentment, hate, bitterness and all their ugly cousins it behooves us to accomplish it.

As I painted these Raspberries it was revealed to me that no situation was too horrific, too painful or too wrong to be healed be healed by Forgiveness- not divorce run amuck, tense work relations, friendships ending bitterly, family grudges or the toward the world at large, men/women, politicians, IRS, criminals, lawyers, doctors...

Whether the people you need to Forgive are currently a part of your life or not, dead or alive, near or far, cooperative or not, vague or crystal clear- no circumstances are to tough.

Because thankfully plants and animals spring to life carrying different healing energies that can harmonize and heal our human emotional energy bodies. It was quantifiably proven in labs in both Russia and the US in the 1920’s that physical healing BEGINS in our energy field; not the other way around.

We don’t need to wallow in all of the political and financial reasons behind why this fact was buried rather than shouted to the rooftops...

We can clean on it for sure and be deeply grateful that we know about energy healing and the wonderful gift Raspberries have for clearing even the most painful, stubborn Forgiveness blocks.

The bottom line remains that




Confucious said “to be wronged is nothing unless you remember it.” Dr. Len says whether you remember it or not it is your responsibility to clean the memories blocking up your energy.

Energy by its very nature wants to flow… Emotions are meant to pass through us rather than take up residence in our field. When we hang onto resentments we block the flow of our energy- love energy, money energy, health energy, well being energy… all the good energies.

Raspberry’s energy is a salve for wounds of the heart; and wounds of the heart are par for the course here on Earth. Our souls come to Earth with a healing agenda. We choose a life that will allow us to master something we struggle with and the people in our lives are the “angels” who came to help us learn our lessons.

We can fight this process or notice and grow beyond our patterns. It is soooo much easier for me to type that right now than it is for me to live it.

But if you think about it, those who are wise, compassionate and at peace have mastered Forgiveness. They have lived; they have loved; they have lost. Through their experiences they have developed compassion rather than growing bitter; an open heart rather than becoming distrustful and empathy rather than growing judgmental.

Really how can we not Forgive when over the course of so many lifetimes we have been and will be all things to each other, good bad and otherwise?

We have been given the opportunity to let raspberries make our journey to mastering Forgiveness much more graceful and easy.

Let Raspberry’s clearing energy resolve what stands between you and your ability to let your hurt go and reciprocate only love when you are treated badly; to be free of the memories of past pain that causes you inner conflict; heal your old wounds and bring yourself the inner peace that only Forgiveness can give you.

You are just looking for a small space in your heart where you can plant the seed of Forgiveness. You are invited to begin with simply wanting Forgiveness. Besides, if you don’t forgive the person who did you wrong then he or she is always with you. Yuck! Get away from me!

As I said in my Clearing Card on Forgiveness, sometimes it may feel or appear to others that choosing love is a self destructive choice, but the Virginia in me still believes. I still believe that love is the bottom line, the answer to every question and all we need; and where there is even a flicker of love Forgiveness can grow.

In the spirit of nursing resolution rather than old hurts, we honor the raspberry, meditate on raspberries and best of all we can eat raspberries for Forgiveness!

Much Love Always and Forever,




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