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Giclee, pronounced (zhee-CLAY), is a French verb meaning "to spray," as in pigment inks out of a crazy, high tech, enormous ink jet printer that costs as much as a Mercedes.

Giclees the noun, are fine art prints created using a very expensive high resolution digital file, which takes around 45 minutes per scan; is then color matched to the original. Color matching can take hours and hours and hours… God Bless my youngest son for being so patient during this process! Finally, and this is the really fun part, the image is printed out on a large format, six to eight color, highly sophisticated, state of the art, ink jet printer that costs as much as a Mercedes; that lays the pigment ink onto 100% cotton, museum quality, archival paper as accurately as though it were the original! Large size giclees take 20 to 30 minutes to finally emerge from the printer.

All of the original textures and subtleties of the depth of color in the original artwork are captured with the deeply saturating inks each and every time it is reproduced. Its really quite amazing. The inks lay on top of the paper so similarly to the actual watercolor that sometimes I like the reproductions better. Its all about the quality of the initial scan, the quality of the paper and the quality of the ink. The right high quality combination can last much longer than you will!



The short, albeit vague, answer is that at some point in the natural evolution of my life the energy healing and painting gifts that I was born with organically became one powerful thing. 

Since everything in this universe is energy, to me it only makes sense to intentionally energize my paintings with particular healing properties.


Quite by serendipity. Joe Vitale was the first person to tell me he felt my painting doing something for him. We had both just attended his seminar on Ho’oponopono at which Dr. Len told the audience that Bluebonnets’ divine purpose and vibrational gift to humanity is to clear energy around physical healing. So, when Joe required an emergency appendectomy I painted some Bluebonnets for him as a get well present.

A few days after I gave Joe the painting he asked me how I got the angels into the Bluebonnets? ‘What angels Joe?’ I couldn’t see them. I looked and looked at the painting as he assured me it wasn’t the pain killers talking. He explained that he could really, truly feel the painting speeding his recovery along. In retrospect, he really did have an unthinkably fast recovery.

At the time I didn’t know what “blogging” was, or how Joe’s blogging about my Bluebonnets would make my art instant world wide news!  Suddenly thousands of people from every country on Earth wanted a copy of his bluebonnets! We had to borrow it back from him, have it scanned, make me my first website and have thousands of prints made.

Since then, hundreds of customers and healers from around the world have emailed describing their own personal healing experiences the energy of my paintings have had on rooms, people, buildings and lives!

Honestly when Dr. Len told us at his seminar that Bluebonnets heal this, and corn clears on that, and strawberries clear on LOVE, I thought of the idea as a sweet little metaphorical type thing. However, as the years and stories of transformation pile up I no longer doubt that Dr. Len was absolutely speaking literally.


I am told YES they all do, by quite a few different people who are gifted with sensing energy. I only know for sure what the paintings on the Healing Painting page do specifically. And of course each Totem Painting has a description of the message and energy that Totem carries.



With esoteric things like this, we mere mortals can have but theories, or suspicions, at best. My theory, based on my experience with both the painting process/divine inspiration and energy healing is that there are a few ingredients to the answer of HOW do my paintings help clear and heal. My theory is that the recipe is something like this:

One part Divine Inspiration

One part The Power of Prayer - Masumaru Emoto Intention Effects

One part Blue Solar Holy Water

One part God Given Gift to Run Abnormally Large Amounts of Energy

One part Bach Flower Remedy like Energy/Vibrational Medicine Effects

Ingredient Number One: My painting process feel like it actually has almost nothing to do with me in a way; that it’s more like channeling than my having learned the skill of painting with my brain. Inspiration swoops in and has its way with me more than anything else. I attribute that inspiration energy to Spirit, and when Spirit arrives I MUST paint!

Ingredient Number Two: Painting is a deeply spiritual experience for me; it gets my chi (life energy) seriously flowing. If I try to “help” paint, or attempt to choose what to paint, messy frustration is generally my result. Frustration is not a very high vibration so I’ve learned to step aside and pray in the spirit of the amazing work of Masaru Emoto. He has shown the world how our energy, words, thoughts and intentions affect the very molecular structure/integrity of water. This news has led me to believe that my thoughts, energy and intentions affect my watercolor paintings also.

For me prayer takes the form of Ho’oponopono, and or, a few other feel good meditational prayers that I know by heart. Eventually I get lost in “the zone” feeling of allowing Spirit to paint through me and after a while voila! I’m suddenly aware that “I’ve” painted something that in the end is always a delightful surprise!

Ingredient Number Three: Because I paint in watercolors, the water that I dip my brush in is vitally important. I only use Blue Solar Holy Water; scroll down for a description. Sunlight filtered through the cobalt blue glass bottle changes the structure of the water to Holy Water! My holy water is further bumped up the vibrational scale because of my prayers and the power of having written LOVE all over my blue bottle and water pipes. There is no higher vibration than LOVE and you can’t get any better than Holy Water, in my opinion, so why use anything else?

Ingredient Number Four:  Different Spiritual Healer types have spontaneously given me clues over the years as to why I heat up and run extraordinary amounts of energy. I’ve been told that I have different electrical system than most people, an enormous electrical field, and that I run a few different kinds of energy. Again this sort of things is invisible to most of us including me. So I cannot confirm or deny at the moment except by how I feel. Most importantly for me, I was taught how to be responsible with my big energy.

Before I was made aware of my energy, it was zipping around willy nilly zinging people; now I consciously manage it. I feel the energy most intensely in my hands, which is perfect for painting! Other people, even skeptics, can feel it emanating from me. Again, thus far I haven’t really been able to “help” with this process. It comes and goes as it likes; if I “help” it stops. I have learned that my part is to simply ALLOW.

Ingredient Number Five: Everything is energy, quantum science wise and I love that we present day folks are identifying those energies and allowing them to clear, heal and transform us in such gentle but powerful ways! My paintings are usually of plants and animals, both of whom also incarnate with specific divine purposes and gifts. So, much like Bach Flower Remedies each Healing Painting carries the vibrational frequency, or signature, of one of these plants, or animals, who carries specific vibrations that can help clear the viewer. 

Each painting you have working for you, and every effort you make to transform your energy from negative to positive mobilizes more, and more, of your negative energy into positive energy working FOR you, rather than against you!

Healing Paintings are intended to help you clear more by their very existence in your world, your intention to clean on a particular thing and to keep bringing your mind back to a the higher vibration you desire until it is trained there and clear of all energy not in alignment with- feeling healthy, forgiveness, peace, clarity... Remember, how you feel, whether you feel happy, prosperous and healthy or sad, broke and sick is a direct reflection of your energetic accumulation of negative beliefs (conscious and subconscious), memories, genetic/family energetic history, and past pain (present and past life). So, even if you consciously try to ‘think positive,’ your subconscious programming and the accumulated negative energy beneath your awareness just keeps creating your life as a reflection of itself.

You’ve got to change and clear that programming for your life to change.. If you love and appreciate art then you already know its power to evoke feelings and spark your imagination. It is this ability of visual images to bypass your conscious mind and reach into your subconscious that makes Healing Paintings so powerful.

So, what do you want to heal? Whatever it is, forget trying to rely on your conscious mind to change and instead focus on clearing and releasing the pain at the source, in your subconscious mind.



When 3-D world “results” take longer than you or I would like Dr. Len says it is because “energetically we don’t know what don’t know about our problem or situation.” We don’t know if our issue is something genetic that has been in our family for 89 generations, or is our unfinished highest priority life lesson etc. Since more of life in this universe is a mystery than isn’t what is Dr. Len’s expert advice? “Just keep cleaning.”

In my family’s history book there was an indian massacre, is a direct lineage to Charlemagne, terrifying immigration and death in childbirth. There are fellows whose first names’ are followed by disparaging adjective such as “The Horrible”! As I flip through the more than thirty two logged generations spanning out in all directions of my family’s history I sigh at all of the Ho’oponoponoing there is still to be done!

It helps to understand better the energy underlying your life experience to think of it like this- when you choose to incarnated into a human body/life you have chosen to become an energy transformer. If humans must be likened to a machine, that is our most similar mechanical likeness.

Every thought and feeling we experience, every moment transforms energy for better or for worse. Remember, energy cannot be created or destroyed so the energy transformed by your thoughts and feelings does not magically vanish afterward. It has been accumulating every second of every lifetime you have ever had!

Sometimes your inner Tinker Bell has you thinking nice thoughts and behaving well but the rest of the time...Ug! You are responsible for cleaning up every iota of energy you have ever mistreated ever. Holy COW while being mindful of your present energy processing that is constantly accumulating as long as you are alive. It will not magically take care of itself, it does not magically evaporate, it must be intentionally made perfect again by you.

Since all of the energy you have ever turned to a less than perfect vibration in millions of lifetimes is probably A LOT it only makes sense to bump up your clearing efforts with clearing tools like plants and paintings and crystals and prayers. Sunflowers’ divine purpose is to help us clear on JOY, Strawberries’ divine purpose is to help us clear on LOVE, Raspberries divine purpose is to help us clear on FORGIVENESS and on and on!

Healing Paintings are intended to help you clear more by their very existence in your world, your intention to clean on a particular thing and to keep bringing your mind back to a the higher vibration you desire until it is trained there and clear of all energy not in alignment with- feeling healthy, forgiveness, peace, clarity... Remember, how you feel, whether you feel happy, prosperous and healthy or sad, broke and sick is a direct reflection of your energetic accumulation of negative beliefs (conscious and subconscious), memories, genetic/family energetic history, and past pain (present and past life). So, even if you consciously try to ‘think positive,’ your subconscious programming and the accumulated negative energy beneath your awareness just keeps creating your life as a reflection of itself.

You’ve got to change and clear that programming for your life to change.. If you love and appreciate art then you already know its power to evoke feelings and spark your imagination. It is this ability of visual images to bypass your conscious mind and reach into your subconscious that makes Healing Paintings so powerful.

So, what do you want to heal? Whatever it is, forget trying to rely on your conscious mind to change and instead focus on clearing and releasing the pain at the source, in your subconscious mind.



That is the beauty of Ho’oponopono. You don’t have to know exact details. Your actual life experience and moment to moment perceptions give you enough things to clean on, negatively speaking.

Positively speaking, you can hold onto your positive desire and clean, clean, clean on that.

To figure out if something is in your energy field you can Muscle Test to figure out the things you can’t guess are there For instance even though I do not drink alcohol myself, alcoholics began to show up more and more in my experience at one point. It wasn’t until an old man in a pick up truck actually threw an empty bottle at my son and I as we walked down the street that I got wise and muscle tested to see why I was attracting drunken outbursts.

Sure enough I test positive for having “the energy of alcoholism” in my energy field! Haven’t seen, heard or been accosted by a single drunk since I transmuted it!

Remember whatever is in your subconscious runs the show and 9 times out of 10 you have no idea what’s in there! Thank GOD your muscles can tell you what your conscious mind cannot!


Well I do it this way. I stand firmly and close my eyes. I make a statement rather than ask a question. Then I see which way my body wants to tip. For me forward is a yes and backward is a no.


Firstly I would recommend scrolling down and reading the section below called WHAT IS HO’OPONOPONO so the following directions will make sense.

Close your eyes and see yourself in your minds eye, you’re holding a punch bowl. Imagine putting your problem, pain, perception, memory, feeling etc. into the punch bowl, every bit of energy from every level, know and unknown. Imagine that the only energy of it that you will keep is what you learned from the experience, the wisdom. Imagine the punch bowl rising up into the light until it disappears. Higher, and higher, and higher, up into the pure white light of the Divine.

Up in the pure white light of the divine imagine the energy in your punch bowl being transformed into positive, pure, perfect, white light again. Take a deep breath to let your energy shift.

Now if you sit quietly you will “hear” what positive thing that energy should become before it comes back to you. Say you had the energy of disrespect in your field, you put it into your mind’s punch bowl and sent it to the light. You might hear, or sense, that you need things like the divine definition of respect, what being respected feels like, that being respected is possible in this 3-D reality etc.

So now imagine that this new information is filling your punch bowl.  See it come back down from the bright light of the spirit of all that is, it comes down through the top of your head and lands in your solar plexus as a big ball of pure love light. See the ball of light expand outward in all directions forever! It can do that because its quantum!

“As above so below” its universal law, once you’ve transformed your “problem energy” into perfection in your mind it must become reality here. Your deep breathing during this transformation allows your energy shift. The creative powers of your mind exists outside of the Laws of this Universe, like when you are dreaming, anything is possible in your mind.

Then in your day to day life here on Earth look for evidence of the change you just created. Feed your ball of positive energy more love and positive energy. Continue cleaning on any remaining beliefs as you realize you have them. Love love love, say it over and over, write it on everything in your life. 

If it is a person that troubles you, you can put a copy of say the Forgiveness, or the Love Healing Painting, with a photo of them in your Angels and Helpful People Feng Shui gua of your home, or the Family gua if the person is a family member.

Every time some more pain or a negative “yah but” comes along, a negative feeling surfaces, a memory returns, or phrase comes to mind have the angels suck it up to the light with their Celestial Central Vac. I kid you not. They can take anything you ask them to on demand and bring it to the light.

Cleaning cleaning, cleaning.... there are hundreds of thousands of ways. These are just some of my favorites. There is also the Violet Flame, explained masterfully and soothingly by Patricia Coda Robles. You can envision tossing what ever upsets you into a violet bonfire. Burn down the building you work in with the Violet Flame of transmutational divine love.

When I am too upset to do much more than stare like a zombie I say Love Love Love over and over in my mind. Love is the highest vibration.

I was inspired to make Meditations out of six of my first Healing Paintings, because customers were having such transformational experiences meditating on the paintings. Meditation is not my forte being radically ADHD but here is how they tell me its done...


Focus on the feelings your chosen Healing Painting image evokes in you. Energy work has nothing to do with your conscious mind, or having some deep monk-esque understanding of secret ancient wisdom.

Your best bet is to get OUT of your conscious mind. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between “reality” and “imagination.” So as long as you envision all your negative energy going up to the light to be transformed into positive, your subconscious mind will believe you and create your life accordingly.

Specifically, take some deep cleansing breaths. Gaze at your Healing Painting and relax into a meditative state saying LOVE LOVE LOVE as your mantra, clearing on anything particularly tough to shift. This is where Healing Paintings shine, on long term cleaning projects. As you meditate on the image the Plant Spirt rousts out the feelings, memories, beliefs etc. hiding in your subconscious.

Visualize those experiences, phrases, feelings, anything at all, going up to the light to be purified; and coming back as perfect love energy to you. Remember, this process has nothing to do with your conscious mind, or understanding anything. Your best bet is to get OUT of your conscious mind. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between “reality” and “imagination.” So as long as you envision all your negative energy being transformed into positive, your subconscious mind will believe you and create your life accordingly.

Plants, animals, angels and Healing Paintings are here to help you clean. Might as well let them make the job easier for you. Let them remind you to keep your mind focused on feeling higher vibrations, choosing positive thoughts, clearing away pain, fear and resistance that disallows your health, abundance and happiness; because health abundance and happiness are your birthright!




Making Blue Solar Water is easy peasy! All you need is something made out of cobalt blue glass- true cobalt blue glass though, through and through. There is a sort of “painted on” blue glass that won’t work and plastic won’t work.

There are a few fancy bottled water companies that bottle in blue glass, Saratoga and Tynant in particular. There are also some wine and liquor companies, Blue Skye Vodka maybe? There are some wines also although I don’t know any specific names. However my sweetie scores me three eighteen inch tall ENORMOUS empty cobalt blue wine bottles at recycling, but they were already un-labeled. His luck inspired me to stop by at recycling any time I’m anywhere near it to check for blue glass bottles.

More is better! I use the water in my bath, for plants, for painting... And they look so pretty all lined up on my kitchen window sill. In reality, all you need is one drop of Blue Solar water to make any water you pour it into also become Holy Water. To pump up the volume of the water’s restructured high vibration I write love in Sharpy on the bottles.

A retired physicist chemist friend told me that writing LOVE on your mattress, propane tank, water pipes, electric box, computer, cell phone and car makes those items resonate at the highest vibration! Meaning all of your water, electric, electric run appliances, propane, sleep, phone calls, EMF’s etc. are of the highest healing vibration then. The food you cook, even if it was low or zero vibration canned, packaged or microwaved food, then comes to have the highest vibration! MIRACLE! I just love the miraculous! Since the day that I ran around writing LOVE in Sharpy on everything I have found LOVE written on other things in our home in other people’s hand writing...the washing machine, coffee maker, pillows...spreading the LOVE!


But back to Blue Solar Water, Dr. Len and Mabel Katz swear that you can start with plain old tap water. All you do is fill your blue glass container, put it in the sun for a few hours (without a metal cover ever) et voila! You can use a bottle, cup, jar, bowl anything you have. I save corks when folks around me are disposing of them anyway.

Sunlight passing through the blue glass causes the water to restructure into the molecular structure of Holy Water! This where reading some Masamaru Emoto would explain the chemistry and physics of water structure.

If you have already written LOVE on your water pipes then the water you are starting with will already be high vibration. Writing LOVE on the water pipes  raises the vibration throughout the entire water that sources you! As your Blue Solar Water baths goes down the drain the LOVE spreads. One drop can change an entire lake!


Globally speaking, because humanity is responsible for its vibration and structure having been destroyed. Personally speaking, using it erases our negative energy in all forms- programs, habits, curses, vows, agreements, memories, false belief systems and negative subconscious beliefs! Using it is like hitting the delete button on your baggage.

Mabel Katz told me the most important blessing Blue Solar Water creates is PEACE; and peace is a rare and extraordinary thing.

Uses for Blue Solar Water:

1. Heals wounds quicker.

2. You can put some in your pet’s water bowl.

  1. 3.Bathing- you, and or, your pets (Mabel Katz wrote of her most enormous  miracle happening after a solarized bath!)

  2. 4.Use a few drops in your kettle, dish water, washing machine, soap dispenser, or anything else you can think of cleaning wise, soaping your car,  mopping your floors...

  3. 5.Water plants with it.

  4. 6.Put some in your fish tank.

7. Use Blue Solar Water, when you’re cooking, or rinsing vegetables and fruit.

  1. 8.I paint with it when I watercolor paint.

  2. 9.They say that you only need one drop for a miracle but I drink it by the liter and bathe in it.

  3. 10. They also say that if you are feeling emotionally low, or out of sorts to drink some and you should begin to feel immediate relief. The more you drink, the more you clear yourself. More clean positive energy is better.

Just noticed, by way of the side of the road, that Budweiser beer now comes in a blue glass bottle. I will admit to having been so desperate for a blue glass bottle when mine broke that I have bought disgusting sickey sweet wine and poured it down the drain (I’m sorry please forgive me septic tank) just to have the bottle.


In the past, Ho’oponopono was a ancient secret Hawaiian technique for transmuting negative energy (a problem or an illness) into positive energy and only the Kahunas, the “keepers of the secret,” knew how to do it.  In Hawaiian, “Ho” means cause and “ponopono” means perfection. Now, it is not longer a secret.

Back in the day you had to go to a Kahuna to have them transmute the negative energy of a problem for you. Now, we can transmute for ourselves all the live long day. Ho’oponopono is the act of making energy perfect again. It is also a perception of the world.

The perception is that only you perceive the world through your mind’s filter so all that you see/perceive belongs to you, perfect and imperfect alike. Anything you perceive as imperfect it is your responsibility to clean the energy of. So kahunas clean energy for those who come to them not so much because its their “job” but because by stepping into the Kahuna’s awareness the client’s problem energy has now becomes the Kahuna’s responsibility to clean up also.

By the same token, anything that you become aware of is yours. So it behooves us, one and all, to keep our cleaning chores for continuously growing exponentially by consciously choose our actions and words every second.

This is the essence of the Ho’oponopono belief system, as well as most traditions around the world who are aware of the laws of energy. Every thing that you become aware of came to your awareness out of “like attracting like” your energy attracts what you see and experience. As we process life and stumble upon things less than perfect love we are meant to clean it up, transmute it from negative to positive. We aren’t don’t cleaning until we are neutral, a still pond as Dr. Len says. The negative misperceptions within our mind are what manifest as an “external” problem.


Ho’oponopono is a two part thing, a visualization and a prayer- that ideally becomes a way of life. The prayer can be as simple as repeating the word LOVE over, and over again to yourself. I do this in the car, walking around the house cleaning etc. If I am in a space where I can concentrate, say the tub, or laying down for some intentional clearing work, then I use  a more elaborate prayer that began nice and simple like this:

I Love You
I am So Sorry
Please Forgive me
Thank You
God Bless

But then Dr. Len shared his Kahuna Mornah Simeona’s, prayer with me and I instantly resonated with it and have only tweaked it a teensiest bit:

Spirit of all that is, divine creator, mother, father as one... if I, my family,  and or, ancestors have offended you, your family, or ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds or actions from the beginning of our creation to the present in any place known or unknown, I ask your forgiveness. Let this prayer cleanse, purify, release, cut all negative cords, memories, vows, curses, agreements, energies and vibrations and transmute these negative energies back to pure light...and it is done.”

As the words leave your lips or sail through your mind, and you visualize the negative energy rising up into the pure white love light of the divine, the vibration of your energy is instantly elevated and negative energy begins transforming across the matrix of our collective consciousness all the way back through history. It is quantum work so the energy keeps spreading and transforming more energy back into pure divine light forever.

That is the prayer piece of the process, now as far as the Visualization goes, here is the basic outline. This will likely personalize for you as you do your cleaning.

Close your eyes, take a deep cleansing breath. See yourself in your mind’s eye. What do you see? Are you made of bright light, darkness or a blotchy mix? Send any darkness you see when you visualize yourself to the light and fill yourself with light until your energy body shines brightly again. We can pick up yucky energy wandering around town, through our day. Its good to clean your field as often as you can remember to.

Now see you self holding a sort of punch bowl. Envision yourself rounding up all of the energy of your chosen problem, pain, perception, memory, or feeling. See yourself gathering the problem energy from all levels (your soul level, genetic level-ancestors, current subconscious level where we hold deep core beliefs, and in all of your bodies that exist simultaneously on the different planes of increasingly higher vibrations- physical, astral, emotional causal, etheric etc,) from all places known and unknown.

Make sure you imagine all aspect of this problem going into your bowl. See it in there swirling around. Now command that the wisdom be extracted from the swirling mass and stay with you in your field.  This keeps us from forgetting and having to repeat learning that may have been hard won.

As for the rest of it- the energies, beliefs, memories, fears, vows emotions etc. swirling around in the bowl bless it and lift the bowl above you. Watch it rise up to the light to be transmuted back into perfection again.

Higher, and higher, and higher, it goes until it disappears into the brightest, highest vibration light of the light energy of All That Is. Envision the energy in the bowl transforming back into its original positive, pure, perfect, white divine love energy. This is really important, by sending the negativity into the divine light we aren’t polluting the universe with our discarded garbage.

Your creative powers are true magic here, “as above so below” its Cosmic Law. You are cleaning energy in the truly physically creative space of your imagination. This space exists outside of the pesky laws of our work a day, Earth, 3-D reality. Just like anything is possible when you’re asleep and dreaming anything is possible here, just keep it positive. You are impervious to trifles such as time, gravity and “reality!”




Because there is another Cosmic Law called The Law of the Circle. Anything negative that you send out comes back to you magnified in intensity.

So, it is important to cultivate the ability to find your positive desire in a negative thought. If, for instance, you perceive your sibling to be hostile and behave unjustly. You would not wish for something unfortunate to happen to said sibling you would wish for peaceful easy joyful relationship or at least neutrality between you. See? Find the positive thing you truly desire.

Okay so back to our transmuting. And really this all happens in the space of a few minutes though its taking forEVER to write out. Once the energy in your bowl is perfect again sit quietly and take a few deep breaths so your energy can shift on all levels. Now listen.

You will hear or sense what new divine information your purified bowl of energy could take the form of before it comes back to you. You can have anything positive. You are being upgraded here, defragged and upgraded. Your purified energy can come back to you as that pure energy or you can charge it with God’s definition, truth, understanding and perspective of the situation and make sure that yours is the same.

You can charge it with emotions, skills, feelings, understandings etc. For instance if you were clearing uncontrolled anger out of your field you might sense or “hear” that knowing and understanding how to communicate calmly and respectfully even in times of stress would be a good new thing for you to embody; that it is possible to communicate respectfully even when stressed etc.

Once your bowl of purified energy is charged how you and the divine so desire, envision it traveling back down to you as a bowl/ball of perfect bright bright light. See the bowl/ball of light pass through the top of your head down inside of you. It lands in your solar plexus, the center of your torso roughly. Your big ball of pure love light then begins to expand outward in all directions forever! Remember its quantum.

If you think of a “yah but,” or have a negative feeling, memory or thought send it up to the light too to be transmuted. Remember to bring back the purified energy to you. What you take away must be replaced, another Cosmic law, the Cosmos functions as a vacuum. If you don’t consciously replace the energy any old random imperfect thing could take up residence in the empty space.

Here on Earth in 3D reality continue cleaning on any new levels of  negative energy that surface.



Aimee’s Top 5 Reasons For Cleaning Like Crazy

Well firstly, what if the entire Meaning of Life is to see how much you can better yourself before you die?

Secondly, how exciting would waking up each morning be if you knew for sure that each new day was going to astound you with how much better it is than the day before?

By paying attention to and clearing your negative thoughts, beliefs and memories all day long that is EXACTLY what happens. The things that used to daily upset you are just GONE forever. You have peace where that upset, pain and frustration used to be.

Three, having positive clear energy around all you see, feel, experience etc. allows the energy in your life to flow positively with health, wealth and peace.

Four, (goodness I didn’t really know there are this many reasons until I went to type them up here!) four, when you hit critical mass on cleaning up the crap in your energy field life gets soooooo much easier you will wonder how you survived before. The goal is Critical Mass, because when the majority of your energy is working FOR you rather than against you life flows, rather than exhausting and over whelming you. 

No matter what happens I now feel a deep sense of peace the majority of the time and am able to cope when things surprise me. Life feels like I am  “in the zone,” most of the time, have great “luck,”feel truly blessed, opportunities cross my path serendipitously, goals and desires seem to manifest nearly effortlessly. This is NOT how it was for me, ug.

And FIVE! Because, when you clean your energy around something in your field/awareness, those people who have been behaving in the way that made you aware of the thing needing cleaning out are now free to show up in your life experience completely differently.

I suspect these five things are all really the same thing said five different ways; but anyway, they are my Top Five Practical Personal reasons for why I bother to clean my energy all day long.

I believe from personal, been dead for a short while and returned to this life experience, that our souls are on great journey to purify themselves through living.  Its an oxymoron in a way; to come to this dense, negative  place to purify! It makes me laugh!

Bottom line is, we can’t do diddly squat to change other people. The only person we can change is ourself. Morrnah Simeona, Dr. Len’s teacher, used to say “It’s an inside job. If you want something to change, it’s an inside job. Work on yourself!”


Yes Pig Pen, we all do. Our invisible, accumulated, negative energy comes in the forms- thoughts you’ve had no matter how fleeting; beliefs you decided due to experiences, conscious and unconscious; memories of this life and past/parallel lives; and your wanton feelings. These masses of energy act like magnets attracting like energy.

The only person you have the power to change is YOU but when you change you, everything and everyone around you changes.

The bigger and more concentrated these energies become, the more physically they begin to manifest to get our attention- as illness, conflict, depression and “bad luck.” Negative energy is pollution for your very real, scientifically quantifiable, bioelectric field. Among other scientists and doctors around the world, Dr. Harold Saxton Burr has studied bio electric fields at Yale for the better part of his life and his findings are fascinating! Read up if you don’t believe me, he quantified his results repeatedly in laboratory test; that your health and well being are absolutely a direct reflection of the health of your bio electric field.

Health begins in your energy field not the other way around. Scientists have known this since the 1920’s.  Shamans have known it forever. 


Yes, Truly. I am a woman who loves cold hard scientific facts. Shifty woo woo things challenge my balance and I’m cleaning on that too. But really just think about it scientifically. Have yourself a merry little high school science flash back. Everything is energy- you, me, rocks, flowers, cars, cows, your couch. 

Think about the enormous amount of common every day mainstream perceived reality things that are unexplained, deeply mysterious, and in my opinion, no one talks about, or explores ravenously enough if at all- but there is time for big question blog posts later.



Live humans are nothing more than energy processors/transformers. Every second that we are alive, energy is passing through our bioelectric field, mind and body, being transformed by how we feel, behave and choose to believe.

Every minute of the day and night, you and I are transforming energy, for better, or for worse. Every thought, word, action and feeling transforms energy and you are responsible for every iota of that energy that you have processed past, present and future lives.

That is an enormous thought.

Everything is energy, but all energy is not the same. Energy’s atoms, molecules and photon vibrate at different frequencies over a continuum from low to high vibration. Obviously things like hate, anger, cruelty, greed, sadness and blame (emotional pain) vibrate at a low vibration.

As my physicist friend loves to remind me... “when ever you get sad, mad or sick it means something knocked you out of your higher vibration.” Ho’oponoponois and energy cleaning of all types are a means of climbing back up the vibrational scale to health and happiness.


Energy stamped by your soul’s experience doesn’t magically stop existing because your physical body dies. Likewise with the energy created by your ancestors. Reincarnation is not a maybe, its truth. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes.  More people world wide believe this than the few who do not in the West.

Also, many more people in the West remember, or sense, bits and pieces of their past lives than are willing to risk sounding insane speaking up about it. So, your current self is not just a product of your childhood experience and parent’s genetic contribution, you are also the fruit of all of the lifetimes you have ever experienced and your family has ever experienced, which for most people numbers in the millions, all over many universes. HUGE thought..


As if your own soul’s accumulated energetic baggage weren’t enough to clean up...  you are also happen to be the most recent physical representative of your ancestors here on Earth, come to continue the evolution and clean up of your family’s accumulated energetic legacy.

AND those ancestors more than likely ran around willy nilly leaving a reckless trail of energetic destruction much like you did before you woke up spiritually. This very reality is why Dr. Len says clean, clean, clean and just keep on cleaning...because we will most often never know how deep the energetic roots of our issues run until we start cleaning. The energy and experience torturing us presently can sometimes have been hanging around for… hundreds of thousands of years gathering strength, ug. I’m now cleaning on how heavy that feels.

Because, when you choose a life and family you agree to be the physical person responsible for going out there and cleaning up the family line’s past. It’s right there in the phrasing of it, “my life.” Your responsibility is organic to your ownership of the life you chose to incarnate into.

We tend to incarnate in soul groups with repeated cast members so chances are you were actually around when your family’s past energy was processed.

It does seem unimaginable at first that A. feelings, memories and thoughts keep on existing and piling up moment after moment, lifetime after lifetime. And B. that you are responsible, whether you are aware of it or not, for making perfect again every iota of energy that has ever passed through your field, and awareness; that’s a lot of iotas.

When, in my opinion and I am cleaning on it, humanity has behaved predominantly like a teenage boy, blundering around willy nilly, causing wanton destruction with zero thought of future generations, or long term consequences of ignorant immediate gratification. Clean clean clean...

Physicists have been wrong in their understandings before- ie. flat Earth, the cosmos revolving around Earth etc.; however, at the moment, they assure us that energy cannot be created, or destroyed, and that EVERYTHING is energy, you, me, your dog, car, house, the stars...

So, there it is in a nutshell, energy can only be changed and HOP is a way for you to consciously create positive real life instant lasting change for yourself and those around you.



Yes there are probably as many ways as there are people. The only super important thing to keep in mind is making sure that any negative energy you pull out of yourself, someone else, your computer, car, house what ever, make SURE you see all of that energy go all the way back to the light; so its not floating around retaining its negativity able to randomly afflict some poor unsuspecting soul.

Some of the ways I enjoy clearing are to write my desire in the form of a thank you note as though the desire has already coming to pass. I clip my thank you note to a 4x6 of the relevant Healing Painting. Then I put it in the relevant Feng Shui gua of our house, family, health, money, angels and helpful people.

Sometimes said relevant Feng Shui gua needs a radical make over and clean out, so the energy in that area of my life is flowing again. For me each gua features a Healing Painting of course!  Check out my page on Feng Shui activating advice.

I write letters to the Cosmic powers that be about what I feel I deserve and tuck them under my side of our mattress. I call it the under the mattress mailbox.

No matter how you choose to do it, every iota of energy purified raises your vibration.



Feeling like a victim of your circumstances is an utterly powerless place to be. And since you choose to believe what your experience means, what would you choose to change about your circumstances if you had a magic wand that could change anything?

Feeling like you have the power to change anything feels powerful yes?! You DO have that power, to change absolutely anything in your life.  Clean your energy like a maniac until you what ever you so desire.

Spiritual teachers say that life is supposed to be fun! You cannot imagine the resistance to THAT ludicrous statement that STILL wells up inside of me to clean on!

And so together you and I will clean, clean, our paths to peace, love, health, wealth and happiness that is our birthright. There are hundreds of ways for the hundreds of days still needing cleaning. Plant Spirits offer to boost your cleaning efforts however you include them in your energy cleaning, in the garden, Flower Essences and Healing Paintings.

I am grateful for your companionship on my clearing journey and want you to know that I am here for you as many of you have been for me.  Together we are making it through all of energy cleaning’s many faces- pain, heart break, ill health, shock, loss, grief, irony, unbelievable, confusion, utter ridiculousness, hilarity, release, relief, peace, success, radiant well being abundance, love, family, purpose, connection and joy.

I invite you to share your journey with me by email if you are so inclined

Always always much love and light,




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