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Experience the gorgeous focus of receiving either exquisite Clearing Ecards weekly by eMail or by owning the 4x6, 52 card set of my Ho’oponopono inspired Clearing Cards!

Each Ecard features one of my designs illustrating a word to clear on each week for a year. The cards are a visual reminder to keep clearing on any issues that come up for you regarding that word.

Each card comes with channeled info., stories and or suggestions for getting the most from your clearing on each of these hot spots.

In addition to Ho’oponopono most folks whose travels lead them to my website, have a treasure trove of clearing strategies. These cards are a powerful companion for however you choose to get clear, and clear energy  is the key to EVERYTHING!

A visual reminder is a lovely instrument for helping you to focus consistently week by week all year long on releasing any triggers you face.

On the amazing power of Clearing Cards and Ho’oponopono here’s what Steve Little has to say…

“I was introduced to Aimee’s healing paintings and the weekly cards last year at an event in Maui. I enrolled both myself and my daughter in the program.

My daughter is a full time student attending a university several thousand miles away from home. It was not only a great surprise for her, but it has had a transformational effect on her experience there. She enjoys abundant success and joy continually and we love sharing our thoughts about them with each other. It has brought us even closer as father and daughter.

I have found these cards and the thought provoking messages Aimee includes in each to be timely reminders that have helped me remain clear, calm, and joyful while also helping me accomplish more than I ever thought possible in virtually all areas of my life. Sometimes, within minutes of reading the card, I experience a miracle.

One day, for instance, having struggled for months with a sticky and difficult business situation, I was actually reading the card and thinking about how it applied to this unfortunate situation. Before I was even done, the phone rang, and the issue was resolved. Coincidence? I was there, I think not!

I have saved them all, and have adorned one of the walls of my office with the fantastic illustrations Aimee has shared with us.

Do yourself a favor. Enroll in the Weekly Clearing Card Program. Bless you Aimee.”

With Love,

Steve Little

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