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News out of Japan is… Bottle Palms keep your bank account full!

One of my very favorite customers, Michael, attended a workshop in Japan with Dr. Len recently.  When it was through Michael emailed me asking if I had heard about Bottle Palms and had I painted one yet?

WOO HOO! No I had not, but how lovely! So I interrupted working on the big multi-flower turbo charged healing painting I have going (BIGGEST watercolor I have EVER done!) to paint a little Happy New Year emergency Bottle Palm!

Dr. Len’s instructions were to “touch a small picture of a Bottle Palm a few times a day to keep your bank account FULL!” And THAT is absolutely ALL the information I have on this one. Very sorry.

Googling did not turn up too much either. Palm Trees are over 200 MILLION years old! Dinosaurs lived with Palm Trees that is pretty fantastic. So, if you know Palm Tree lore, or biology please email me and I will add it here.

Oh! Just in the Nick of time before I post this, a friend just emailed me a fun Palm Tree fact “if you are stranded on a desert island in the ocean you can live on coconut milk, it has everything you need, water, protein, etc…”

Dr. Len said “little picture of a Bottle Palm” so I painted it little and have them available little. Not being too sure what little means exactly, I have 8x 10′s as my largest size and scaled down from there to 4×6′s and of course 2×3′s and greeting cards, so you can generously hand them out to friends and family for a full bank account and a prosperous New Year!



Bottle Palm’s Energetic Healing Properties

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